Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach absolute beginners?

I certainly do! I have taught loads of beginner over the years, so no matter whether you have only sung in your shower or never had the confidence to sing at all I can help you develop your vocal ability.

What songs will we sing?

In terms of songs, as well as the genre of music the music we learn, it is entirely led by you the student. There are certain exercises that are useful to learn no matter which genre you are looking to sing, but when it comes to singing there is nothing better than to sing the songs that you love!

Where are you based?

I teach all of my lessons from my home studio located in Forton Close, Bouremouth, BH10 6HX. It is a great place to learn to sing, with a relaxing calm environment that helps students focus on enjoying the songs that they sing. Click on the map below to bring up my location on Google Maps!

Singing Lessons Bournemouth Map

What styles of singing do you teach?

I teach classical and contemporary music, as well as Musical Theatre and Jazz - so no matter what your style I have the lessons for you!

What do I need to bring to my first lesson?

Not much at all, a bottle of water is a good idea and a small notebook in case you wish to make some notes in our lesson. If you come with an idea in mind about your ambitions for you vocal development that is also really useful to talk through.

What happens if I need to cancel a lesson?

That is no problem at all, simply get in touch with me 24 hours before the date of our lesson and I would be happy to rearrange. Please note if a lesson is cancelled within 24 hours of our lesson time you will be charged the full fee of that lesson.

Do you do gift vouchers?

I do, get in touch for more information!

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Beginners to Advanced

Learn to sing through the songs that you love. Each of my lessons are tailored specially to the student helping them develop their singing even faster, building up vocal stregth, confidence and tone to nail the songs they choose. Music is a wonderful way to communicate and I strive to present all lessons in an enthusiastic, enjoyable and educational format. I have worked with everyone from beginners to professionals over the years so no matter what your level I can help you develop the voice you want!

To book your first lesson or to simply find out more get in touch by emailing or calling 03458 690679!

Thinking about learning to sing? Don't go it alone! Get in touch with me today for a chat or click below to find out more about our tailor-made lessons!