Bournemouth Singing Lessons

Bournemouth Singing Lessons

I teach all ages and abilities, help students who previously only sang in the shower or their car grow in confidence so that they can perform infront of friends and family. My lessons cover all the different aspects of vocal development - from building vocal strength, tonality and range to mic technique and stage presence.

In your first lesson, as a beginner student, we will talk about your ambition with your singing lessons and start learning the basic techniques to help walm your voice up. From that we will start to have a look briefly at a first song, something that we can work on during our next few sessions as your voice begins to strengthen and you grow in confidence. For more advanced students our first lesson will explore the areas of your voice that you would like to improve upon and start to build a jouney of lessons that will enable you to reach that next level.

I can offer dedicated one to one tuition or, if you'd prefer, can teach in small groups. Whatever your age or musical preference, I can offer my experienced hand to help you achieve what you want. If singing is your dream, make that dream come true by getting in touch with me today!

Beginners to Advanced

Learn to sing through the songs that you love. Each of my lessons are tailored specially to the student helping them develop their singing even faster, building up vocal stregth, confidence and tone to nail the songs they choose. Music is a wonderful way to communicate and I strive to present all lessons in an enthusiastic, enjoyable and educational format. I have worked with everyone from beginners to professionals over the years so no matter what your level I can help you develop the voice you want!

To book your first lesson or to simply find out more get in touch by emailing or calling 03458 690679!

Thinking about learning to sing? Don't go it alone! Get in touch with me today for a chat or click below to find out more about our tailor-made lessons!